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I have been working long and hard on my revisits and I’m here again to show you another project in the making. So, here’s my old typography project. It’s supposed to be materials for a fictional urban renewal conference called Paving Paradise. I really liked the project, but I didn’t like the direction I was going and it’s one of those projects you hope no one will ever see… EVER!


Brochure Cover


Page 1


Page 2

To me, urban renewal is more than making an old building look good, it’s improving the lives and function of a city. Almost like brining light into dark places. So when I found this image on Pinterest, I knew that this will be my inspiration for this project.


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I really love the black and white images with the bright, bold type, but i needed to bring more paradise into the project. So then I found this image of a retro postcard and really got my creative juices flowing.

Hooray Retro!

Hooray Retro!

I really loved the script type and the shadow on the type. After a couple of hours in inDesign, I created my first attempted.


First try on the brochure.

Sure it looks fine, but I wanted to make it small enough to fit in your pocket. Long story short, it was the cutest, yet the most ineffective booklet I ever created. Now, the brochure is bigger and flows a lot better.




Subtitle Page


Speaker Page with Notes

The brochure has a few details that needs to be dealt with, but its pretty much done after that. Afterwards, I now need to design some name tags, webpages and banners to complete the set.

What do you think of my work? Post your comments below and remember to share this blog with your friends!

Until next time Internet, Good Day.

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