One does not simply brand Middle Earth

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Today I want to share with you one of my favourite campaigns. This one comes from Air New Zealand and their collaboration with The Lord of the Rings trilogy .

Ever since Peter Jackson’s success with The Lord of the Rings movies, fans have been dying to take an adventure to Middle Earth. The films have brought over $200 million into the economy and the government even created a minister who is in charge of everything The Lord of the Rings related, but that was before The Hobbit movies.

So when The Hobbit movie was about to be released, Air New Zealand (which half of is owned by the government) released this safety video to promote the movie.

This video not only promoted the film well, but it also became the new face of the brand. Air Zealand is now the airline to Middle Earth. The company has made everything from print ads to the safety vest employees wear (my favorite are the hobbit socks!).


Some applications for Air New Zealand

Even the vest are branded!

Even the vest are branded!

A coffee sleeve to go with brand.

A coffee sleeve to go with brand.

They even made another video to show the average day in Middle Earth, but something else happened when they posted those videos. Air New Zealand changed the outlook of travellers everywhere. Flying is not a nuisance anymore; it has become an adventure of a lifetime, just like The Lord of the Rings movies.

What’s your favourite Lord of the Rings moment? Post your comments below and remember to share this with your fellowship! Until next time, safe travels my friend!


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