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Hi, this is my first blog post! So please be nice to me!

And what other way to start your blog than talk about other blogs. I know, ironic. Anyway, I would like to share my favourite design blogs with you. I never really started looking at other design blogs until I was blogging myself, but if you haven’t you should start. Like looking at other people’s design, its good to see other people’s blogs. So, here are my favourite design blogs.

You The Designer

This blog is nicely designed and covers everything from wall murals, to branding and web design. I personally like browsing this site for inspiration and getting news on trending design projects and current events in the design world.¬†If that doesn’t work, they have a freebie section! Photoshop brushes, vector images, stock images, and it’s all free!

Cover Junkie

This blog shows nothing but magazine covers, but with a twist! The site shows print AND digital covers. I don’t know much about when it comes to digital design, but what I saw was pretty wicked. The digital covers that are featured on the site have animated features that make traditional print covers boring. A must see if you are interested in interactive and digital design!


This blog is full of cool architecture, photography, illustrations and design inspiration. The content comes from all around the world and it is current, and trendy. Yet, a fair warning, the site is written in spanish, which may be a turn off for some people. But, I can easily navigate the site and get a feel for what they are posting. This shows how well designed the site really is.

All of the blogs that I shared with you today helped me learned what makes a successful blog. Sadly, I can’t give you free stuff, but if my topics are up to date, interested and easy to understand, I can make a successful blog.

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